Street Soccer USA | New York
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New York


New York City



HELP USA, Flatbush Gardens, Sunset Park


Population Served

Men, Women, Children


Locations and Programs

East New York; Flatbush; Ward’s Island; Sunset Park; Red Hook



Founder/ CEO: Lawrence Cann

COO: Meredith Wolff

National Business Manager: Aja Smith

Social Services Manager: Chelsea Bastin

Program Manager: Charles Crichlow, Reed Fox, Fernand Grisales


What do you play for?



Why do you play for it?

Family makes up those you connect with and who support you, be it your brothers and sisters, friends, coworkers, a team, or community group. We play for Family because a family provides support and acceptance; two valuable assets in facing hard times and adversity. When we play for Family we remind ourselves that we’re all in this together.