Street Soccer USA | Sacramento
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Mather Community Campus


Population Served

Women and Youth experiencing homelessness and/or transitioning out of homelessness, and/or women aspiring to break free of drug or alcohol addiction, abuse, and/or mental illness


Locations and Programs

Mather, California; Sacramento Lady Salamanders



Robert Stanley (Coach)
Chris Reicht (Coach)
Wes Colter (Advisor)
Chris Mann (Advisor)
Lisa Wrightsman
Tiffany Fraser


What do you play for?



Why do you play for it?

A lot of confidence is lost when you feel you have been defeated by life and life’s circumstances, but in order to find success, we must have confidence in ourselves and our ability to achieve. Through Street Soccer USA many of us have been able to regain our confidence by learning to play soccer, work together as a team, show up for each other, play hard and score goals. That confidence we gain on the field stays with us in every aspect of our life, so we can confidently approach education, a new job, new relationships or a new life to create our success.