Street Soccer USA | Seattle
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Street Soccer Seattle


Population Served

Mostly young adults, all welcome


Locations and Programs

University District, Pioneer Square



President:Earl Lara
Team Director: Chris Burfeind
Outreach Director: Jamie Ebner
Fundraising Director: Oscar Lee
Treasurer: Sara Dawson


What do you play for?



Why do you play for it?

We play for Empowerment. As a first step, during the season, we play for Momentum. We build and maintain momentum, even when it’s chaotic and the path has obstacles. We build momentum as a team, working towards our goals on and off the field, train hard and building our street soccer community. This momentum turns into Empowerment, our main shields and goal, where we strive to be uplifting, motivating and helping each other out, keeping each other on track, consistent and focused. This Empowerment drives is for greater success and peace in our life through housing, jobs, and acting as ambassadors of social change to our communities, our city, and beyond.