Street Soccer USA | St. Louis
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St. Louis


 St. Louis



Peter & Paul Community Services


Population Served

Those who are homeless and formerly homeless


Locations and Programs

St. Louis City



Head Coach: Joe Campanella
Manager: Keith Deisner
Coach Mentors: Scott Saputo, Pete Campanella, Eric Deisner, Keith Howard, Bernie Kilcullen, Ryan Deisner, Chris Gund


What do you play for?



Why do you play for it?

We play for peace because it leads to balance, harmony and community. All of us lead very busy lives. Soccer reminds us how important it is to have not only a sound mind but also a sound body. Street Soccer allows us to balance our responsibilities and that’s a good thing. We play for peace because it leads to harmony. When we experience inner harmony it’s easier to be in tune with others. Street Soccer allows us to get outside of ourselves to create space for true learning and growth. We play for peace because it leads to community. We want more out of our lives than to simply get by and we recognize that we need each other to lean on from time to time. Street Soccer reminds us that we are responsible for one another and that is a beautiful thing. So everything starts with peace; it leads to balance, harmony and community, the good, the true and the beautiful.