Street Soccer USA | City Ladder – San Francisco
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City Ladder – San Francisco

City Ladder Launches with SF City Defeating #1 Ranked SF Deltas to take top Spot!


@ Street Soccer USA Park – San Francisco

Challenge Other Teams – Win – Move Up The City Ladder

Click image to see complete list

Pick Challenger  – Win – Move Up The City Ladder

 How The City Ladder Works

“Challenge” a team above you on the City Ladder and take their position when you win!
Top Team Engraved on the City Ladder Trophy.
Improve your ranking and win prizes, glory and discounts on other Park offerings!
Be The Best Team in The City!

City Ladder Rules


1. All current league teams are automatically placed into the City Ladder


2. If you are not on the ladder, sign up using the form below


3. “Challenge Days” i.e times/days available when you can schedule a challenge, will coincide with our regularly scheduled drop-in mini-tournaments


4. You may only challenge a team that is a maximum of 4 teams above you on the ladder


5. If you are challenged you will receive an email with a date/time for your challenge match. You can accept the challenge or you must offer another date within 14 days of receipt of the email challenge or else you will automatically lose your position on the ladder


6. Your match will take place during the regularly scheduled drop-in mini tournament and you will play 2 other friendly matches with your 3rd game being the official challenge match


7. $10 per player per challenge, (8 player max per roster)


8. A player cannot be on more than 1 ladder roster


9. Use the challenge form on this page, above, to setup an official challenge match. Only challenges submitted through this form will be official challenge requests

Not on Ladder – Contact Us – Start Winning