Street Soccer USA | Leadership
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Lawrence Cann

Founder and CEO, Street Soccer USA

Lawrence Cann, is the Founder and CEO of Street Soccer USA, a leading organization in the use of sport for social change. In 2012, Lawrence was selected as one of 15 AMEX Ashoka Emerging Leaders in Social Entrepreneurship. He has also been honored by People Magazine, being named a Hero Among Us in 2009 and as the 2010 winner of the Kuykendall Award for Community Service, his alma mater, Davidson College. Lawrence is a recent MBA graduate of Columbia University where he has planned the growth and development of the SSUSA social enterprise.

Rob Cann

Chief Impact Officer, Street Soccer USA

Rob joined Street Soccer USA shortly after its founding and has been involved in the development of the program nationally since 2007. Rob, who operates out of San Francisco, has been instrumental in growing the program from 1 in Charlotte to now 16 cities across the U.S. Rob earned a Masters in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco in order forward the development of sport for social change. Recently Rob has played the key role in developing  Street Soccer USA’s  newest social enterprise, I PLAY FOR SF, which has generated nearly $700,000 for SSUSA in its first two years.

The First Team

Together with Lawrence and Rob, volunteer Jessica Woody, and our first team captained by Ray Isaac and Stephanie Johnson, and our first youth player Craig Holly, Street Soccer USA was made possible at the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. While Rob and Lawrence have carried the mission and vision forward, it was this amazing group of believers who truly founded the program and all the players who have joined since that each year make up the foundation of our program.


Lawrence and Rob are two of five boys in a large family from Richmond, Virginia. The family house burned down when Rob and Lawrence were only in only in elementary school. Though difficult, the experience taught them what it means to have a community of support. Both Lawrence and Rob went on to play Division I college soccer and are now dedicating their lives to use sport for social change together with the many players, volunteers, and staff at SSUSA and its partners.

In Charlotte, NC they teamed with player/coach Ray Isaac and others to found the first Street Soccer USA team. Ray stayed on and became staff at the Urban Ministry Center and Charlotte where he still works as an outreach worker.

What they started has become a national community of friends and family dedicated to supporting one another in achieving their goals in life.