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Players of Street Soccer USA


Players of Street Soccer USA is a social media series that showcases the many different players, volunteers, coaches, and individuals that make up our organization. This is a chance to see SSUSA like never before. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for the latest stories.




“Soccer’s fun. It’s a nice place to take my mind off things. I worry about school. Middle school can be hard. Homework is stressful so when I have a chance to go to soccer it’s relaxing.” Issac, 12, Sunset Park, NYC



“During the parade, it was really cool. We were walking by the cheering people and that changed what I think people perceived of us. They were cheering for us. It was kinda crazy. We were like celebrities, people really look up to us, we have responsibility. People respond to us just being around. There was one that stood out to me about the Opening Ceremonies, the leader of the Norwegian Salvation Army said, ‘Let’s play some soccer and change the world!’ ” Sergius, 33, San Francisco, HWC 2017





“It was a great honor to carry the flag because it represents our country and represents us! Seeing other people’s flags was also really special.” Maria, 16, Washington DC, HWC 2017




“Soccer isn’t just about work, it is about working together, being there for each other, working as a team because working as a team is something very valuable and helps people to focus on what they love, you know?” Cece, 14, Sacramento





“I thought about joining a team, I think that would be fun. If I found one, since I haven’t done that before.”Annie (left), 13, Sacramento

“Yeah, I was nervous because the first time we came all the other girls had played and were on teams” Nika (right), 13, Sacramento

This was Nika and Annie’s first time trying soccer. Annie scored 3 goals in the 2017 Bay Area tournament. 



“If you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re not cool. If you’re doing the right thing, you’re cool. Doing the right thing is respecting. I didn’t always do the right thing, but I’ve changed. I try to respect people and protect them.” Kenneth, age 7, Sunset Park, NYC


“I think a huge highlight of this practice was listening to the “shout outs” from the players on the second and third grade team. A majority of the players of that team gave shout outs to their teammates for passing the ball to each other and working together to score goals. I especially enjoyed the comment from one of the players about how although at the beginning they weren’t passing the ball to each other, that as the scrimmage progressed they were all passing the ball when their teammates called out to the player with the ball.” – Josh Rodriguez, Coach at Street Soccer USA Bay Area



“You learn to juggle and how to play soccer. Help friends who don’t know how to play soccer, you help them and show them how to juggle. When they learn it, they sort of learn soccer. When you learn soccer, you get smarter.” Madison, 5, Sunset Park, NYC





“…I got a blue card. I was playing with heart, that means you’re being nice. I was hiding it [behind my back] and I got in the car and I said ‘I got a blue card!’ and everyone was like ‘Yay!’” -Kaley, age 5, Sunset Park, NYC



“I am forever grateful. To put this all into perspective, I have two huge passions – clothes and the environment. Uniqlo covers both of these areas. I am currently aiming to work on their Creative Team and take in as much information as I can.” -Devin Quezada on her new job working for SSUSA Sponsor UNIQLO


Read more about Devin on her player of the month spotlight here.



“I want others to know it’s a great experience. My favorite experience is playing different teams – it makes me feel great and gives me the opportunity to meet new people and teams.” -Sabi Tlapaya, 16



Hudaifa (MJ) was born in Yemen and came to San Francisco as a child. He is actively involved in the SSUSA Tenderloin community and loves Street Soccer USA’s ability to help connect him with friends and interact with new people who share his same passion for soccer. One of MJ’s favorite things to do when he is not studying business management in college is to polish up his goalkeeping skills and learn to be an all around better player on the field. MJ believes that through Street Soccer USA he has learned how to always be respectful to both his teammates and opponents, while still enjoying the game of soccer. “My favorite soccer skill is kicking the ball through people’s legs. And Street Soccer is unique because you get to have fun and play with different teams.”



“It’s fun and it helps you work on your skills. I get to meet new people and teams. The soccer fields are also unique!” -Faith Lieake, 12



“My favorite soccer skill is kicking the ball through people’s legs. And Street soccer is unique because you get to have fun and play with different teams.” -Steven Fog, 10



“I have so much fun and have made so many new friends. I feel great I get to meet new people I never would have met and see people be themselves.” -Kate, 10



“SSUSA is unique because we haven’t heard of another sport coming together to do this as a team. The SSUSA Philly Cup is fun and it’s a good experience.” -Alayna Roman, 10



“As a soccer mom, the best thing about being on the soccer field is seeing children have fun and learn new things. SSUSA is unique because of the children.” Her daughter added about the Philly Cup, “it’s fun and it helps you!” -Khyra, 28 & Essence, 11




“The SSUSA Philly Cup makes me feel like I’m a part of something. It gives people an opportunity to be a part of a community. It’s a great way to meet others who share a love of soccer.” -Adonis Morgan, 19



“Street Soccer is one of a kind. You play in the streets like pop up in the city with people all over USA. Playing with so many different beautiful and talented people unified us for the love of fútbol” -Francisca, 26




“This tournament is for everybody. The most rewarding part of playing soccer is the great players to play and learn from.” -Nader, 22



“I’ve been playing since I was 5! I always meet really cool people [and] it’s nice to see something as unifying as a national soccer tournament come to Philly.” -Sierra Harland, 23



What has been your favorite experience within Street Soccer USA?

“Playing at the Art Museum and jumping in the fountain.” -Parker (second from the right in picture), Huntington Valley Wolves, age 7, Philadelphia



“It was my first time playing Street Soccer. It was so exciting because of the fast pace.”
-Carlos, Coach from KSC

Carlos, a coach for SSUSA partner Kensington Soccer Club ‘s favorite street soccer highlight so far was playing in the 2016 Street Soccer USA National Cup Philadelphia on the Art Museum steps.



Sebastian, who is “7 and three quarters” is a member of our NYC Sunset Park location. What is his favorite thing about Street Soccer? Collaboration and having fun!

“We get to work with other players to accomplish good things like scoring goals and passing. My favorite move is called Maradona. It’s named after the best soccer player before Messi. You have the ball and you put your foot on the ball and turn around and do a drag back and then turn and go forward. It’s to trick the other players. One of the biggest things about soccer is to trick other players. I try to charge towards players and then turn and I go back the other direction. It works almost every time.
[One time] I was charging up the field with the ball and I dodged 2 players, and scored into the corner of the goal. I ran down the field with my hands up screaming GOOOOAAAAL!”


“Street Soccer USA for me has always been about looking forward with excitement and optimism. The next play or upcoming practice, the next chance to reach a goal you are working towards. That thread has run through all my years at Street Soccer USA, maybe every day of my life. A bright outlook on what we can do next to make ourselves, our teammates and our community a little bit better started within me from the people I met and continue to meet through Street Soccer USA and that feeling has never left.” -Rob Cann, Co-Founder and CIO #PlayersofSSUSA



“There is nothing more rich than working and struggling as part of team with other people, striving for a goal together. If you are part of something positive and have a purpose every day, life has meaning. Soccer can create that richness out of nothing for anyone–it helped me through tough times as kid and so Street Soccer USA has always been about sharing that.” -Lawrence Cann, Founder/President #PlayersofSSUSA





“I’m gonna be on a website?? What the freak?!” -Aiden,8, Red Hook, NYC #PlayersofSSUSA