Street Soccer USA | Drop-in Mini-Tournaments
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Drop-in Mini-Tournaments

Show Up, Get Placed on a Team, Play to Win

Join us for any of our 13 drop-in sessions throughout the week at the Street Soccer USA Park! Just sign-up in advance or show up before the next session.


  • Weekday Lunchtime Pick-Up (Mon-Fri, 11:45am-12:45pm)
  • Weeknight Early Evening Drop-In Mini-Tournament (Tue & Fri, 6:30-8pm)
  • Weeknight Late Evening Drop-In Mini-Tournament (Tue & Fri, 8-9:30pm)
  • Weekend Mid-day Early Drop-In Mini-Tournament (Sat & Sun, 12-1:30pm)
  • Weekend Mid-day Late Drop-In Mini-Tournament (Sat & Sun, 1:30-3pm)


Players are divided into teams and a round robin tournament takes place on the spot. A winning team is crowned with a trophy each night. We also have a MeetUp group where you can hear more about pickup games and events we host.



Non-membership Pricing:

-$15 per player for Drop-In Mini-Tournaments/$10 per player for Lunch Pick-Up

Interested in a Monthly Drop-In Membership? Play all the Drop-Ins you want for $50/month or $500/year (a $100 savings!). Contact us to get signed up!



Sign up below for our weekly pick-up or mini-tournaments by registering as a Free Agent.


Weekly Mini-Tournament Questions? / 505-231-3030

200 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158